Dependence vs Addiction Difference Between Dependence And Addiction

Dr. Kevin Wandler of Advanced Recovery Systems warns that addictive drugs, such as nicotine, can cause dependence. Addiction encompasses both a mental and physical reliance on a given substance. Since there are many substances on which one can develop a physiological dependency, each substance in question requires an individualized approach. The sculpture is topped with Read more about Dependence vs Addiction Difference Between Dependence And Addiction[…]

Dispelling Myths About Sex Addiction

It’s important to understand that this is part of the process, and with effective treatment, relapse can be prevented. The bottom line is that addicts who seek help usually do recover. Addiction is a hot topic for discussion and it’s ripe with misinformation and myths. It is a highly charged topic and many tend to Read more about Dispelling Myths About Sex Addiction[…]